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What a difference the reverse makes!

This is what I thought would be a ‘nice, quick’ painting 😊 it’s an A5 drafting film piece using derwent lightfast pencils. The reference is by Katherine Morgan. The bottom image is what it looked like just worked from the front, I thought the darks weren’t dark enough but I couldn’t get any more pigment on the film.

I decided to rework the back of the piece using the Autumn Brown pencil which was the darkest shade on the front - I was trying to avoid black on this one. It’s really punched up the darks and brought the whole thing to life!

I was was worried that as there was already an underpainting on the back (in watercolour marker) that pencil wouldn’t have a lot of effect, seems I need not have worried 😃. I need to remember this in future works.

Regarding the underpainting, the pens worked well, and anywhere it was wonky I could easily fix it with the pencil on the top surface. Definitely worth doing if you’ve got the right colour pens, my selection is a little limited atm.

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