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I haven’t really kept up with the blog this last year.......can’t blame everything on COVID, I mean it’s not like there wasn’t a 5 month lockdown where I wasn’t at work! Well lockdown affected us all in different ways I suppose. It sent me all black and white :D

I’ve been working on white pencil on black supports. I’ve been looking at different pencils and how to wring the most white out of them. So far I’ve found that the museum aquarelle white is AWESOME and you can put colour over the top if you’re careful (see picture above - a4 clairefontaine black watercolour paper, photo ref from Albert Horosborough) For non-water soluble whites I’ve found that Derwent lightfast and Derwent Drawing make for excellent whites. The drawing pencils are very soft though so they don’t sharpen to, or hold, a point.

I’ve done a few commissions with this technique, they’ve gone really well so I’m looking to add it to my offerings on the website. They take less time to complete so I should be able to offer them for a lower price than the full colour pastels. New Years resolution - update the blog more often!

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