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Sleeping Lion

I am so happy with this, I’ve never been proud of a colour pencil piece before! It’s A4 drafting film which is a lovely surface to work on, not only is there no tooth to fill but you can rub out and rework bits you’re not happy with 😊 The derwent lightfast pencils went on beautifully.

It is from a tutorial by Lisa Ann Watkins (via Patreon). She’s a great tutor although I’m a terrible student, I have a habit of watching half of one video and then just carrying on on my own ☺️. It took

forever to complete (not least because I did the mane and then lost all confidence and left it sat on the side for a fortnight) you can put a surprising number of layers on this very smooth surface. You can make it take even longer by working on the back of the sheet if you want!

Anyway, I’m going to try another one of these, just got to pick a photo to work from 😁

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