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Poodle in progress

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

This is Pickles, a lovely little grey poodle. I’m painting him on A3 pale grey pastelmat with pastel pencils. I started with an olive green underpainting for the shadows and a touch of pale blue in the highlights. I’ve been working over the top of the initial layers with a lot of layers of cool greys to bring that soft texture to the fur.

poodle pet portrait dog
Pickles is actually much less brown than this photo suggests!

One of the reasons that it is so important to keep lines of communication open between artist and client, is that the cameras and light we use when taking photos have their own idea about what they see. Pickles is getting a warm colour cast in this photo, and being a studious artist I had started adding it to his ears as I got to them. Thankfully I sent an update pic to his owner to check that I was getting the brown tones in at the right level, and she realised how brown the photograph looked compared to the real life Pickles. I've removed a lot of the brown tones I'd put on and gone back to the greys :)

I’ve put his left ear on, it’s a lot lighter than his right one. I’ll leave the final value decisions until I’ve got more of the picture in.

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