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Pencil pushing

I’ve been doing a bit of professional development this month, learning to use colour pencils properly. This is from a tutorial by Lisa Ann Watkins which was also part of a workshop at the SAA which was live streamed over the internet. We started with the iris with layers of greens and terracotta (unfortunately I didn’t have the right pencils to follow along exactly). I was using luminance pencils which I found hard to get to fill the little dips in the pastelmat so I used the derwent blending pen to encourage the process along.

The pen was great but the nib picks up the colours you are blending and will carry them to other parts of the picture if you don’t keep cleaning it off. As you can see I ended up using a scrap bit of pastelmat to keep cleaning it. I’m concerned that the pens won’t live very long though, it seemed to take a lot of it to blend (and then clean) across the whole eye.

Once Id put the blender on both sides and added some more layers I was ready to move on to the fur. Honestly I can’t believe how long this pencil thing takes.

I got some derwent lightfast pencils and decided to give them a go with the fur. They felt so much softer than the luminance, they were brilliant!

A few layers with the lovely derwents and we’re good to go. I think the luminance will be great for details, and maybe on more normal paper, but the derwent felt so much smoother on the pastelmat - I look forward to the rest of the colours being launched!

sooo colour pencils take forever, are the results worth it? at the moment I’d say no, but I’m hoping I’ll get better (and quicker) 😁

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