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Funky flower

Following from my experiments with different underpainting, I decided to use the intense colours you can get on a whole image. The flower is from a photograph by Shauna Dolby, I started with an approximate outline and used the pens to add highlights and shadow to the image.

I chose colours inspired by the image focussing on pinks, purples and blues.

I finished adding colour with the pens leaving some highlight areas, the centre will be covered in black pastel later, I was going to try and scratch through to the colour underneath.

I started adding highlights/shadow with pastel pencil to give the petals shape (derwent flesh and white/carbothello navy blue)

I added the black to the centre and tried to scratch through, but the effect was too subtle and so I decided to draw them on with pastel instead.

Finally I added the suggestion of the little spikes around the edge of the centre and a touch of black in the shadows to deepen them and link the centre to the rest of the flower.

overall I’m happy with the outcome. It was difficult matching the Pitt pens with derwent pastels however, so I’m thinking of buying some Pitt pastels so the colours match......like I need more art stuff ;)

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