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Eye studies

sorry I haven’t posted recently, I’ve been getting over a stinking cold that I had for over a month! (Possibly several colds stuck togethe, but the result was the same). Now that I’ve finally started to feel more like myself again I’ve been doing some smaller studies of eyes trying out different techniques; from the simple White on black human eye to a layered, colourful, dogs eye.

I love how vibrant the iris is in this image. I used PITT pens as an underpaintings, they are Indian ink so an intense colour and they blend beautifully. Over the top I put the pastel pencils (my usual blend of carbothello, derwent and Pitt).

Overall I’m really happy with my little testers and hope to use these techniques in some full size pieces over the next few months now that I’m feeling better 👍

(Materials used: conte white pencil on black pastelmat, Pitt pens and pastel pencils on white pastelmat.

photo credits for images: human eye - my own, dog eye - lisa Ann Watkins)

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