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Kate Marie Elworthy

Hello, I'm Kate. I have a distinction at masters degree level in Fine Art. I've been drawing ever since I can remember and painted my first animal portrait in pastel when I was 16 years old - Bella is no longer with us, but the picture is still up in her home over 20 years later.

I firmly believe that a portrait should try and capture the essence of the subject as much as possible. For the best chance of this you need excellent accuracy, colour recreation and character in the painting. I usually ask clients for a few key words to describe the character of the subject, that I can keep in mind while I work. It can be surprisingly effective in getting a true image, that really embodies the essence of the subject.

I love my work and will do everything I can in the process to make sure you love it too. It is important to me that you will be able to cherish the image for many years to come; with that in mind I make it a point to use conservation grade materials. Paintings using lower grade materials can discolour in a few months. With care, these will ensure that your portrait stays looking like new for as long as a hundred years!

I have a house rabbit called Peter Bishop (named after a character in a TV show that I love). When I'm not working I like to go walking in the lovely Sussex countryside and reading sci fi books. I love to travel and taking photographs that I can use to paint from.


My rabbit Peter Bishop

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